Minal’s Dream

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Voice support by: Mrs. Sunanda

This leela is narrated by Minal V. Dalvi, a devotee residing in Pune, and is about the trials and tribulations that her parents had to face in finding a suitable groom for her sister, Madhuri.

Madhuri was born in 1980, and when she was about 3 months old her parents took her to Shirdi.

The priest in the Samadhi Mandir took the tiny baby and placed her in Baba’s lap (on the idol in Samadhi Mandir).

This heartwarming action of the priest confirmed their belief that Baba would stand beside Madhuri through thick and thin.

Her father told his wife, “She is Baba’s child and Baba will look after her welfare; we don’t have to worry.”

Madhuri was studying in college when her parents decided to find a suitable groom for her.

They contacted friends and relatives about a prospective groom.

However, they faced innumerable problems, of which the main problem was Madhuri’s horoscope.

Every family that the Dalvis contacted refused marriage. In the meantime, Madhuri got a job as a teacher in Pune itself.

However, when a suitable groom was found, Madhuri refused to marry him as he lived away from Pune, and she was unwilling to give up her job.

Everyone persuaded her to give up her job, as many suitable grooms resided outside Pune.

The Dalvis, as a last resort, quite unwillingly sought the help of an astrologer.

Minal recalls, “I was quite horrified that an astrologer was consulted.

I didn’t believe in astrology, zodiac signs and planetary movements. I only believed in Baba and that Baba would come to her aide.

I kept remembering what Baba said to Savitribai Tendulkar in chapter 29 of the Shri Sai Satcharita.

Her son Bapu was to appear for his medical examinations, however because an astrologer had predicted failure, he had decided not to appear that year.

Then Baba said, ‘Ask him to appear in the examination and he will be successful. Ask him to roll up the horoscope and keep it aside. And do not rely on astrologists and palmists.’

I was very disturbed by the turn of events. I thought, at this juncture, my parents should have saburi (patience) and not turn to superstitions and charlatans.”

The next problem that cropped up was that if Madhuri’s father didn’t present the horoscope to the prospective groom’s parents they would ask many questions.

If they insisted, her father would give them Madhuri’s horoscope and then they would say, “Gosh! Her horoscope is terrible and inauspicious.

She is a ‘Manglik’ (fault of planet Mars) or she has Kaal Sarpa yoga (a combination of kala i.e., time, sarpa i.e., serpent) which is considered very harmful for the groom’s parents.

The effects of these bring ill health and even death to the groom’s father, and numerous misfortunes.”

Since a very young age, Minal considered Baba to be her doting grandfather.

She therefore went and stood in front of his picture and said, “Baba isn’t this superstition? Only you and you alone can find a suitable groom for Madhuri. And if you don’t, I will leave you and go Gajanana Maharaj, or to Swami Samartha.

So you better do something and fast.”  After she had bullied Baba thusly she fell asleep chanting his name.

That night, she dreamt that she was outside the Sabha Mandap of the Dwarka Mai.

There a woman was sweeping the street and her tiny baby was crying.

Minal told the lady that she was going inside to meet Baba, and she would take her baby along with her, as Baba would definitely play with the child.

The lady handed her child to Minal, who entered the Dwarka Mai. She saw Baba seated serenely on his stone, and he smiled at her.

Minal then handed the child to Baba, and gave him a box of pedas, saying, “Baba the date for Madhuri’s wedding is finalised.”

At that time the child had stopped crying and was contentedly lying in Baba’s lap, sucking his thumb.

Surprised to see this, Minal said, “Baba you know this child from numerous past lives, right?” Baba didn’t reply, but started playing with the child.

Then he got up and went to the chuli (hearth) and in a small pot heated some milk.

Minal impulsively said, “Baba I don’t know your aratis.”  Instead of answering directly, he replied, “Wait a bit. Mhalsapathy will soon come here. Jesus you are Yashodha’s  Krishna, and Mother Mary is my Bayja Mai.”

Minal relates: “At that time I thought this must be a line from the arati.

Baba then played with the child again, while I waited for Mhalsapathy to arrive.

At that very moment my mother woke me up. But I was impatient to know what would happen next, so I closed my eyes and slept.

As luck would have it, my dream continued. Baba said, ‘Child take my Udi and then go. Child now 5 lives are yet to be lived.’ Hearing these words, I got up startled, and became wide awake.”

Minal lay there thinking of the deeper meaning of this dream.

There were a lot of questions like, “What did Baba really look like in his true form? How did I give pedas to Baba when Madhuri’s date of wedding was not yet fixed? Who was the child in my dream? What did Baba mean by 5 lives are yet to be lived?”

A year later Minal met Mugdha Divadkar, a great devotee who had written a great deal on Baba and asked her to decipher her dream.

Mugdha said, “Any spiritual practice you do for Baba never goes in vain.

The child is symbolic of ignorance, like you told Baba that you didn’t know the arati. Milk represents the knowledge that Baba will bestow on you.”

In the meantime, Minal and her family prayed earnestly, read the Shri Sai Satcharita, and chanted Baba’s name.

The following year, Madhuri got married to a highly educated man who worked in Pune.

Thus she didn’t have to leave Pune, and the wedding was celebrated on a grand scale, without any difficulty. Thus Minal’s dream came true.

Ref.: Shri Sai Sagar, Volume 5, No. 4, January–March 2015.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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Sai sai waits for the right time moment to move to bring fruition to our wishes as in Madhuri case ! May sai bless us wth great faith and humility to see his Leela’s true !!

Sai Baba

Thank you sir…

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