The complete episode increased my faith towards SAIMAATA.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

SAIRAM SaiRam SaiRam……….

I reached USA on Feb 11th to get job with SAIMAATA BLESSINGS.

I am going to narrate how SAIMAATA had pulled me towards him like a sparrow.

After coming to USA , I got very strong feeling to visit SAI temple.

In that context I happened to see an address of a SAI CENTER located in NEWJERSEY from SAIVICHAAR.

Its address is as below.


As per SAIMAATA blessing I planned to visit my employer on Ugadi Thursday 18th.

I prayed SAIMAATA to give me darshan at North Bergen NJ. This was my first priority.

I wanted to go to North Bergen after I completed the work with my employer.

According to the information I had, it is far off and I could not get proper information to reach there.

Hence, I proceeded to my cousin’s place at Edison NJ. I started back to Newyork City the next day.

I bought the ticket upto New York Penn station.

I was thinking about how to reach North Bergen.

I decided to inquire after I reach Newyork Penn station. Train driver gave announcement about each station’s arrival.

Suddenly I listened announcement about the arrival of Penn station.

Then immediately I got down from the train. To my surprise it is NEWARK PENN STATION located in NEW JERSEY state.

I inquired at the information counter for New York City train.

They told me that I will have to catch a train in Track ‘A’ which will cost me $2.5. When reached the track A people are boarding a train by paying $1 at the vending machine.

Without thinking I paid the money and entered the train. I asked the co passenger whether train goes to New York City. Initially he told me it would go.

Then he told me to get down at 33rd street stop and catch another train. To my surprise it is a local train in NJ state.

Then I started thinking about complete episode and realized that Baba wanted me to come to North Bergen.

I asked the same gentleman about how to reach North Bergen. He asked me “where you want to go? you want get down at New York or North Bergen?”

I told him first I want to go to SAI temple at North Bergen then from there I want to go to New York city.

Then he told me to get down at Jersey City stop along with him and catch bus no 84 to North Bergen.

I got down at Jersey City station, inquired some of the people how to reach Columbia Ave, North Bergen.

Someone suggested me to board 83 bus. When I approached the bus, the driver he told me that Columbia avenue was not in his route.

I called up SAI center and talked to Mr. Jagat Patel and in turn he told me to get down at 10th street of 83 bus route.

I boarded the 83 bus and requested the bus driver to inform me about the 10th street stop.

After travelling some distance, Mr. Jagat Patel chased our bus and requested me come along with him to SAI center.


SAI center is maintained presently in the house of Mr. Jagat Patel. SAI temple is to be constructed in near future.

The main active Sai devotee in construction of temple is from Hyderabad. I am giving his details for reference.

Dr Achurao Das, Shirdi Saibaba Samsthan, Ramnath Pur, Hyderanad-500 013, India.

Mr. Jagat Patel requested me to do the prayer to Saimaatha for speedy construction of temple.

I request one and all to pray for the early construction of the temple.

I am giving his e-mail id for your information.

The complete episode increased my faith towards SAIMAATA.

Badari Vadlamani, USA

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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