Baba was full filling my wish during Shirdi Trip

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Dear Sai bhandus I am here today to share my leela with you all how Baba made me to start Sai Gayatri maha mantram in samadhi mandir.

when devotees read this experience we will come to know how things will happen if our wish is strong and how Baba will be backing it clearing all the hurdles .

As planned me and my husband went to shiridi on October 16. We had darshan on that day and once again we went for darshan on 17 th too as we booked our tickets earlier itself.

As we all know October 18th was Baba mahasamadhi day and this year was the 100 th year .

I was having a wish from longtime to start Sai Gayatri from samadhi mandir itself and that is one of the reason for visiting shiridi.

But I don’t have any darshan or Arathi tickets with me .

I was so upset and sad that I will not be able to start as it was too rush on that day and I don’t have any tickets with me.

Meanwhile Sai Baba (Odisha ) came to Shiridi.

I told him everything and he said he will try and called someone whom he knows.

They said they will give token number 50 on my husband name Gautam so go and stand in line on 17th  evening and take the tickets.

Finally evening I went to the room and told my husband the entire story and asked his adhar card for booking the tickets on his name.

He said he is not carrying his card with him.

I was so upset and didn’t know what to do .Finally I thought to give a try with my card as it was having w/o gautam on it.

Carrying the card with me I was standing in the line for my turn.

Meanwhile I was so tensed up inside whether they will allot me the tickets or not .My turn came and I told them token number 50 w/o Gautam.

They said who is Gautham the tickets are booked on the name of Sai Baba.

I asked who is Sai Baba . He said all the way you came to Shiridi and you don’t know who is Bhagwan Sai Baba .

He was irritatingly asked me to move saying many are waiting in the line don’t you see it.

I paid 3000 rupees and took 5 tickets for Kakada Arathi for 18th.I came out and I was thinking the tickets were on the name of Sai Baba and he did not even check my identity proof .

I was so happy as Baba was full filling my wish .

I went back to the room and told my husband about the entire episode.

He was watching me so surprisingly. We went to Arathi on 18 th and had a blissful darshan .

I also started my Sai Gayatri maha mantram from his samadhi mandir which I was wishing from a long time . I felt How merciful Baba was .

These were the blessings I received on behalf of viswa sai dwarakamai sakthi peetam.

From that on wards Baba was with me where ever I was doing Sai Gayatri mantram.

I was just acting as an agent between that’s it . I have some more leelas regarding sai Gayatri .

I will tell you shortly about those leelas .

Sairam Madhavi from Bhuwanesear.

Translated in to English by : Sailaja, USA

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Sai Baba   ...   Sai Baba ...   Sai Baba  ...   Sai  Baba (click here)

Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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