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Sai Came in the form of Nrishmha Saraswathi

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Voice Support by: Mrs. Sunanda

Om Sai Ram.

It was from 2015 November season.  On the advice of Sai Baba, I am  strongly desired to finish Guru Charitra, as reading on Google is quite difficult to me, also could not find good book in my language.

So ,I prayed to Baba, and I found the book in one of the temples for free in my language. But still scared to carry the book,as my strong belief is that we have to follow strict rules to complete the book.

So I walked away.. Then next Thursday when I was in the Sai temple close to my house, again this book was there for free circulation. I read the book but left with lots of doubts. So I was looking for Baba’s sign.Then  I  found another  book called ‘ Sri Paadha Sri Vallabhudhi Jeevitha vruthantham’.

I guess this was the first spiritual book I read with extreme curiosity as to what happens next. Finally, the book was finished.

I thought of Baba and then asked him to do vratam, but somehow this time I felt like doing Dattatreya vratham, than Sai Satyanarayana Vratam as usual. I got the dictation from Baba, ‘ Do it, and call anyone, everyone will come’.

So this was on Sunday and I have invited , I  guess 9 people  two of whom were not available on Contact .Anyways, I knew that Sai always have a big game to play.. So not bothered about not reaching them, feeling that Sai will send the NEWS for them.

On monday, I went to shiva vishnu temple in the evening,  From there I wanted to buy my groceries and come home, but as that was the first Monday in Kaartheeka masam, there was a special Pooja and more special that day where we all sat down for 2 hrs.

My Sciatica pain aggravated so badly, but in that pain too ,I cud manage the groceries with an assistant. When I came home, I literally, fall  down with too much tired.

All the night talking to Baba, saying that, ‘ you promised me that everything happens good. You pretty well knew that if I get this pain it won’t go for 3 to 4 days. I have called my friends home on your word. NOW REST is yours’. These were my last words to Baba before I slept.

That night  I saw Nrusimha Saraswath Garu in my dream  exactly, as I personified him in my dreams. He was to the side of my bed and asked me, you called me, now show me your pain’. To my surprise, I was like a small helpless girl feeling bad for not being able to even say Namaste to him. So my tears are flowing uninterruptedly.

That time ,I heard, Nrusimha Saraswathiji, asking me to stretch my right hand. He snatched the hand roughly, then he asked me ‘ where else’ I showed my left hand too. He did the same.

Now I showed my leg, thinking in my mind that he is higher spiritualistic guy and he shouldn’t be touching my legs. Then, as if he heard me, he tapped on my leg and said ‘ get up”.

I woke up like in a dream, but it was already early morning, slowly came to senses. I just wanted to try the results, slowly I got up, but I felt that there is no pain.

Still unbelievable, as my pain stays at least 72 to 96 hrs, with so much of medications. So now I wanted to test my legs and I started walking with ease.

So, I started jogging with happiness. It took me time  to understand Baba’s words that there is no difference between him and other saints.

To conclude, I did the Pooja very  well, and my friend’s who are supposed to come for lunch came at 10.30 a.m to watch the Pooja from the beginning. Later I was so happy to bend, down to serve them all the food.

Thank you SAI, for proving me once again that you are there for us. 

Hari Kiran Gudapati

Sandigo (USA)

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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