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Without our knowledge Baba was taking care of my family.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Sairam everyone I am here today to share a leela with you all.

I am Saroja singh, from Noida.

It was in the year 1982 we used to live in sidri a small village near Jharkhand, dhan badh.

My husband is graduated in mining engineering. But he is used to do business. By God blessings I have one son and two daughters.

I used to get always worried about my kid’s future and their studies. My son is very good at studies. But he is used to get sick all the time.

During those days I have no idea about Baba or Shirdi. I don’t know anything about HIM.

One night in my dream I saw a man with white beard wearing white kurtha.

He woke me up forcefully from my sleep holding my hand.

He was talking to me and telling me see one day your son will grow to greater heights.

I woke up from my sleep and felt that those words were true. I looked around and could not find anyone.

The time was around 4.00 AM. Later I told my husband about my dream. Till this day if I recall about the dream I still get goosebumps.

Time flew and my son was getting ready for his 10 class exams. I was praying God please bless my son with good health instead of him give me his health problems to me.

God listened to my prayers . My son performed his exams well and I was down with jaundice.

In our village we don’t have 11th class so we joined our son in Cambridge school, Delhi.

He used to stay in a room with another boy. He used to eat food outside as he was staying in room so once again his health issues started crop up.

we decided to move to Delhi as our business in our village was also not that much fetching. We moved to Delhi we joined our daughters also in school.

One day one of our relative took us to lodhi road Baba temple. He is a very big Baba devotee. This is the first time I went to Baba temple.

Once I entered the temple and saw our warm hearted Baba I could not believe my eyes. Because this was the same man who I saw in my dream same face, same eyes, same smile and same dress.

Then I told my husband he is the one who came in my dream. Then I realized he came to solve all our problems.

My son was doing good at studies and my husband business was also doing good.

Whoever we pray all the prayers will rest at our beloved Baba feet. Without my knowledge he was saving my family. As he said in the dream my son got settled in life in a very good position.

He is working in yanaha company as a managing director.

My two daughters are working as software engineers. Now I am a grandmother too.

Every year I visit Shirdi. How many thanks I tell you Baba it’s nothing. I bow my head to your feet.

Please bless everyone Sai.

Translated to English by: Sailaja, USA

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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