Baba came to my dream and taught his philosophy

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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Om Sai Ram.

One night I dreamt Baba coming to my house, walking in mid Sun From long distance.. Within mins he was  near my home Little surprised..for the speed of Baba [9:00 AM, 8/2/2017].He was waiting in front of my house.

I ran to him and asked Baba not to come into my house as if he is in this material world  no one will believe him as a true person. I came back and shut the door.

I  woke up from sleep I felt i am seriously weeping Now my conscious told me that it’s only that we all ask him to come to our houses. But in reality my mind is still not prepared for it.. I am still seeing him as body. I prayed him to excuse me for my blunder.

The next day I remember I was crying so bad for my faulty thoughts and begging Baba to come backed pl do come to my house.

The next night.. the same dream continued and now as my mind was clear I ran to Baba and asked him to come into the house by holding his hand, he said No, u asked me not to come in ,so I don’t want to come in,.. just like a small kid I was begging him sorry, as why he didn’t teach me how to talk.

Also telling him to explain me why I would have said those words, becoz, even to elderly parents or strangers walking in that route ,I will ask them to drop at my place at least for lassi or coffee in that Sun.

So Baba was calm for that affection and said o.k. I will come. Then I said come slowly i  will open the door as you are getting old and you may take time to get on steps. He loudly said who is OLD.. I was scared but he seemed like not angry, so I went upstairs and saw backward Baba was there.

Now I opened the door, Baba was not behind me he was sitting in the couch, which should have taken at least 5 mins for this normally. I suddenly, turned back but Baba was not in my behind and he was calling me to come in.

I went inside and started pressing his leg and sat down. He asked me, now tell me what are your problems? I said After seeing you Baba I didn’t have any problems, whatever are there, they will be there and you know when to solve them  with a very strong and satisfied time.

Now I remembered, to give food to Baba, where I didn’t have fruits or anything that day at home, but remembered that Baba asked me to cook only one Curry and rice every time, so I asked Baba the same thing and he said get me whatever you wanted to feed me, so while I was putting in the plate I remembered that the plate should be full and I have to Baba.

I remembered him saying add water to food always… then I bought glass of water but Baba wasn’t there.

I woke up crying Baba why did you leave without eating in full. This dream was a few days after my biggest fearful dream which helped me to learn myself more.That dream was..

I was fully drowned in a big ocean like water in its deep layers and  was suffocating to breathe. It pulled me out of water and when I came out of water fully drenched,   I found that i was holding Sai’s feet lying in sastangaa namaskaara position, and he was sitting in a beautiful gold and Mikhail simhasan.

Now he asked me , o.k you are safe now and you can leave my foot i said so many highly honoured people look to catch your feet, I really don’t know what good things I would have done, I got your feet and I am not going to leave them .

Now the breezes were very hot, very cold, very fast and throwing me away from his foot, so I know Baba was testing me ,so I told him that it’s now on wards your duty to make me hold your feet for any lives of mine to come.

Then we both flew into the air to a beautiful world up in the sky in that positions i woke up thinking that, even in reality, I should think in the same way for any kind of testing.

Sachidananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai.

Hari Kiran Gudapati

Sandigo (USA)

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