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Baba makes my dreams True – Audio

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Voice support by: Mrs. Sunanda

Dear Saibandhus,


With Baba’s blessings I am sharing my experience about how Baba had blessed me to visit Shirdi and blessed me to stay in Shirdi on my birthday.

I want to thank all the devotees who send prayer requests. It is because of you all I am getting the opportunity to visit Shirdi frequently and also got the postman job from Baba. I am indebted to you all.

During mid of march I had few dreams. I had two dreams where I was traveling to Shirdi with my relatives.

Had one more dream where I was looking into Udi packets I had and worried that I need more Udi packets (Whenever I take prayer requests getting Udi packets is a challenge).

Through these dreams Baba indicated me about my Shirdi trip and also that I need not worry about getting Udi packets for devotees who send prayer requests.

During that time Baba also indicated about my Shirdi trip through below message in whatsapp group  *If anyone can bring you shirdi, it’s me and me only: Sai Baba*

Since Baba indicated me about Shirdi trip I asked Baba if I can be in Shirdi on my birthday and Baba gave me permission.

I was so happy that I can be in Shirdi on my birthday. Now the challenge was there were no buses to Shirdi from the place I stay.

I could only travel by train and confirmation probability was very low. I still believed Baba and started taking prayer requests from devotees and planned to book tatkal tickets.

But one day I was worried about train tickets and also since I took prayer requests was worried and thinking if I can carry those prayers to Baba.

I somehow starting feeling bad that I might not be able to visit Shirdi. Immediately I read below message in a group *Don’t wait for my call..I am waiting for you..Come to me fast..I will make all arrangements for you to come: Sai Baba*

I felt relieved and assured about my Shirdi trip.

I booked tatkal ticket for Apr 10th 9 pm train which was supposed to reach on 11th at around 11.30 AM. On the same day one of my friend pinged me and said she is donating some huge amount and I can use all the udi packets.

I am so thankful for her and may Baba bless her and her family in abundance.

As per my dream Baba solved my problem of getting Udi packets to devotees who send prayer requests.

I had to go to another place from my place to board the train which is 1 hr journey. Train was 3 hrs late and was expected to come by 1 pm. I reached the boarding place by 9.45pm.

After reaching the station got to know train will arrive by 4 AM. I waited for the train whole night in the station and felt low that I cannot spend much time in Shirdi.

I still had not booked my return tickets. I woke up around 8AM and observed that there was no net connectivity.

I was again worried about booking tatakal tickets. For AC tatakal booking starts at 10AM. Exactly at around 10 AM train stopped at a station and there was good net connectivity and I was able to book return tickets.

I reached Shirdi at around 4.30 PM on 11th Apr. Finally, I reached Shirdi with so many worries.

First I went for darshan and had very blissful darshan. Since it was Thursday I could see Baba’s Phalki. Was sitting near mukh darshan and was watching whole Phalki seva.

This was the first time that I watched Phalki seva. I was so happy that I cannot express it in words.

Then I attended Shej aarti and I could see Baba on Baba’s clothes during aarti.

I started my birthday with Kakad aarti. I usually love to participate in Kakad aarti. Since it was first day of Ramanavami celebrations it was even blissful moment.

Later I had 3 more darshans. Attended Madhyana and Dhoop aarti. I spent most of the time in Samadhi mandir.

Devotees prayer requests were kept at Baba’s lotus feet. Morning I had seen below message in group

*I distribute Udi for well being of my devotees. I still give Udi to my devotees by reaching them in different form: Sai Baba* And guess what, afternoon I found an Udi packet outside the donation counter and evening I found another one at Gurusthan. Baba even blessed me with Udi packets.

I distributed fruits and soft drinks to few elders who sit near Samadhi mandir. When train was delayed I was so frustrated but if it was not late I would not have spent whole day in Shirdi on my birthday.

We can never understand Baba’s plans. I had asked Baba to give darshan in green.

Though Baba was not in full green, morning and afternoon Baba was wearing green kanduva  and I believe Baba  accepted prayer requests.

Though I was disappointed that Baba was not in full green later I realized Baba blessed me in other ways.

Now I was supposed to go to Kopargoen station to board the train.

I started at around 8 pm and was not getting auto.  I was tensed and worried as I was alone and was in helpless situation.

Found an auto and it was fully occupied with men and there was no place for me to sit.

Still auto driver insisted me to get into auto but I didn’t.

I waited for some more time and finally found and empty auto but I was scared to go alone.

Suddenly a guy came and asked the driver if he was going to Kopargoen station and got into the auto with his family. Also they were traveling to my place. I was so relieved and thanked Baba. 

Baba indicated about my trip, planned my trip and took care of me during the trip. Baba blessed me with a wonderful and me memorable trip. Thank you Baba.



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