Devotee wish fulfilled by Baba – Audio

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Voice support by: Mrs. Sunanda

“Sairam ” all Sai Baba devoties.

My self Manju Bhashini from chennai. I want to share my experiences with all of You. That was my first visit to mylapore sai temple in Chennai.
10yrs back  i don’t know who is Sai baba and what is his Leela’s are. I Went to temple simply to have pongal prasad which I like very much.

While coming out from temple i felt a good vibration inside me and found a small shop inside temple.
There in the shop a small Sai statue Rs.20 attracted me a lot and felt buying it.

But  My husband refused to buy it.  I came home with little disappointment.

The next day i came to visit my mother’s  house which is 3 km away from my home.

There I found the same Sai Baba  statue was placed over the refrigerator in my mother’s  home
I Was wonderstruck and asked my mother that ” how did she got this”.

My mother is a follower of Sri Ragavendra swamy and she don’t know about Sai Baba.She told me that A lemon seller gave this to her.

I was curious to know why?  My mother narrated that she went to buy lemon for preparing Pickle and he didn’t have 20rs change with him.

My mother has told him to give 5 lemons for that 20rs too.

He has refused to give lemon and gave this Sai statue to my mother.

My mother has told that lemon seller “no we don’t pray Sai give me lemons” .

The lemon seller has told “this is not for you ,give this to your elder daughter ( me)  she asked this statue yesterday.

“The very interesting thing here is i have never met the lemon seller before and didn’t ask anything to him .

I asked for Sai statue in Mylapore temple  myself and my husband only there in that temple.

I still wonder how Sai Baba came, the immediate next day from an unknown lemon seller..

From that day in my day to day life Baba makes wonders and shows his presence and always baba is with us.

” Om sri sai ram”

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Sai Baba   ...   Sai Baba ...   Sai Baba  ...   Sai  Baba (click here)

Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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