My wife passed the exam due to Baba kindness.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Shri Sai Leads Our Life Shri Sai says to his devotees,

“If you cast your burden on Me, I will bear it.”

In our day to day life, we come across difficulties.

We are anxious to win over them but our abilities are limited.

If we rely on our abilities, frustration results; Shri Sai does not like His devotee to suffer.

He says that His existence is for granting moksha, moksha from sufferings’ and relief from karma.

What the devotee has to do is to remember Him, sing His name and pray to Him with the most personal affection.

Shri Sai clears the difficulties and gives the greatest happiness to such devotees in the most pleasant manner.

He comes running to save His devotee. I am sharing my two experiences of His love with the noble readers of Sai Leela.

In the first experience, He came to give an indication of what I was forgetting, cleared a heavy cloud and enabled us to attain what He destined.

It occurred like this. We were to visit Waltair for some examinations of my wife.

On the day of the departure, we got ready at our residence by 4.30 p.m. and were about to leave in the rickshaw, which was arranged in advance to catch the train at 6.37 p.m.

A heavy wind and rain started at 4.30 P. M and continued making it impossible for us to leave for the journey.

Rain water flowed heavily inside the rooms. My wife kept her humor and set on clearing the water from the rooms.

She did not worry about the delay; but I was unable to maintain that steadiness.

I was wondering whether Baba wants us to cancel our programme. I sat before him in the puja mandir for ten minutes, reciting His name and prayed Him for His intervention, saying that it was as per His permission that she was appearing for the examination and that she would not be able to proceed if the rain continued.

I said even if we could start by 5.30 p. m. we could somehow manage to make the journey.

It was already 5-20 P.M. The rain was in full force. I was restive.

It seemed as though Baba was playfully teasing us; but to my pleasant surprise the force of the rain subsided by 5.30 P. M. Immediately we left in the rickshaw.

It was nothing but the rescue by Baba. The rickshaw took us as fast as it could and we reached the station at 6.40 P.M.

The train did not arrive yet and was expected just then. We breathed freely and heartily bowed to Shri Sai for His grace.

The train came at 7.20 P. M. and left at 7.30 P. M. This incident was a memorable handiwork of Shri Sai and left an unforgettable impression on our minds.

Shri Sai arranges such incidents to please us with His Leelas and to strengthen our devotion to Him.

We remembered in the train that I forgot to bring Sai Satcharita for parayana. I was doing weekly parayana for the previous three weeks.

I cursed myself for my forget fullness. It seemed to me that the delay at house was to give me some time for remembering about the book at least at the last moment.

But when I failed and was about to fall down, Baba came to my support! At Waltair, due to the grace of Shri Sai, we got comfortable accommodation in aguest house near the centre, saving us lot of time and money.

She was appearing for the examination after fourteen years gap and was therefore a little diffident.

But Shri Sai arranged the question papers in a very easy way and she did excellently in all the subjects.

The third paper was in economics. Shri Sai suggested to me some important questions and all those questions appeared in the paper. The last paper was in Public Administration.

Its syllabus was so large that the time at disposal for revision was insufficient.

She was nervous. Again I suggested after praying to Baba, some eleven questions.

To our pleasant surprise, five out of the eleven questions appeared in the paper;

Baba came to help her in such a mysterious way and carried the burden of her examination.

She passed the examination with 59% marks in the aggregate, to her own surprise.

The magnanimity of Shri Sai towards His devotees is unimaginable. He was always our Saviour and continues to be for ever. We have no words to express how happy we are.

K.R.Sharma (Source Shri Sai Leela March 1983)

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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