Sai Baba Saved us from illegal court case…Audio-1

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

This Audio has been Prepared by Mrs Srilekha Reddy

  1. Mir-1 Court case By Srilekha Reddy 3:20

Aum Sai Ram….

Me and my family has been Sai Baba devotees for more than 10 years now.

I pray to Lord Sai Baba day and night and believe that he is always with me supporting me and protecting me by all the means.

Since few years we are in great troubles. My daughter in law had filed allegation on us about the Dowry.

We are from a decent family and we know that asking Dowry is a crime.

We have never forced her or asked her family for any money but we were blamed and she filed a case against us in court.

Me and my family were in horrible stress about how to get out of this false allegation.

As we are the groom site, society will blame us without even knowing the real facts.

We were asked to come to court and prove ourselves. I always believed that Sai Baba will stand by us and will solve our problem.

It was 2007, one day I was telling my problems to my servant and I saw an old man passing by our houses. He was looking exactly like Sai Baba. I saw him and asked “Baba, what do you need ?”.

He replied to that saying “I do not need food, I do not need water. All I need is money to travel back to Shirdi”.

I ran into the house and got Rs.101 and gave him.

He said “Sai Baba ..Sai Baba .. “ . I took his blessing and he told me “I came here to solve a court case. Now I have to return to Shirdi. I have no money. So I asked you. All your problems will be solved to day and you will be happy here after”.

I was immensely happy with his blessings and was going back inside the house.

When I turned back to see him again, I felt like he disappeared from there.  Suddenly a miracle happened.

A postman came to my door step and said “Madam, your case is been cleared.

You are free now. You need not come to court anymore for anything. Here are your documents”.

I understood that Lord Sai Baba came to solve my problem and now he returned to Shirdi.

I was surprised and extremely happy with the blessings Sai Baba gave to us.

All I would say is Lord Sai Baba will always stand by with his devotees who are honest and believes in him.

Suman Jain

Peetampur, Delhi.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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