Why fear when I am here (Don’t believe any predictions)

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Akilanda Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Sainadh Maharaji Ki Jai

Sairam everyone,

I am Arun Hari Bavu Veer from Pune.

We all pray God every day with lot of wishes in our mind . I am also one of you in that having a wish to have a daughter in my life.

In my family we all are boys with no girls from lot of generations.

Due to that reason I don’t have any aunts as there were no girls in our family. Even my elder brother was having two boys.

Due to this reason I was having a very strong wish of having girl.

But luck was not in favor of me. We had a baby boy on one fine day.

During the course of pregnancy my wife has undergone lot of troubles adding to it she fell down one day when she was carrying.

Baring  all these thoughts in mind we were so scared of having the second child.

8 years passed. I went to my wife vaishali one day and asked her that if we can adopt a girl. But she said no.

I did not understand what to do as I was having a very strong wish of having a daughter.

Finally I surrendered to Sai asking him to help me in fulfilling my wish.

One day (2001) my wife complained that she was having pain in her tummy.

We went to the doctor after few tests he said my wife was pregnant and that to they were twins.

I was shocked and scared listening to the news . Twins in this situation and again what to do if they were twin boys.

I prayed Baba asking me to bless me with at least one girl in the twins.

Days passed and we neared the due date which was December.

As they said she started get pains in December and we went to the doctor.

Doctor admitted her in the hospital after going through her case. We passed December 23 and still she was not delivered.

I was having a wish it would be nice if the delivery happens on December 24 as it was our marriage day.

But it did not happen. She was delivered on December 29 which happened to be Datta Jayanthi on that day. I was so happy adding to it Baba blessed me with two beautiful angels.

My happiness was unlimited. In December we went to one cultural event on the eve of my daughters birthday.

My wife visited an astrologer to ask how our future and our daughters future going to be.

He scared us saying that our futures were not at all good. Listening to him we got scared.

While returning back from him on my way a message has popped up on my phone screen saying that don’t believe any predictions.

Why fear when I am here. The message relived me very much washing out all my fears.

How can I thank you Baba as you took out of the fear from my heart with a timely message.

Not only that I asked for one girl but you blessed me with two beautiful daughters.

We all know he is everywhere in every corner of the world.

His timings are always perfect. We place a wish before him but he keeps us in waiting testing our shradda and saburi and sometimes cleaning our past karmas.

But he will never disappoint us. once the time comes finishing all our past karmas and passing his tests he blesses us with more than we asked.

This is one of my beautiful and unforgettable experience with my loving Sai.

Translated to English By: Sailaja, USA.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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