Baba Miracles during my Shirdi Trip

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Dear Saibandhus”Om sai ram”
I wanted to share my experience in Shirdi on the first day of Navaratri.

Yesterday while I was getting ready for Shirdi my sister played beautiful Sai songs.

I was so happy and excited to visit Shirdi. Also yesterday Baba was in green. I like whenever Baba is in green.
Today Navratri first day we reached Shirdi at around 9 am.

Like my earlier visits I was not in a hurry and had ample time for darshan.

So we had breakfast and then got ready. We went to Gurusthan for Madhyana aarti and was so happy to see Baba in green.

I belive that Baba accepted the prayers if Baba is in green. My mom was sitting near Gurusthan and I was doing pradakshina in Gurusthan.

I was doing pradakshina until aarti was going on. From the time I started and ended pradakshina Baba blessed me with around 10-15 neem leafs.

At the end of aarti even my mom did pradakshina and some old man gave my mom few neem leafs(for me that old man is Baba itself.

My mom is lucky. I didn’t see him). We  felt so blessed. I can’t express my happiness.

After aarti we went to Dutta temple, Nandadeep, Dwarakamayi and Chavadi. And at all the places including Gurusthan I kept the devotee’s prayers and offerings for sometime.

While I was keeping prayers near Gurusthan  there was a neem leaf and I kept the letters on the leaf and took the leaf also.

Since it was lunch time we had lunch ,and went for darshan. It was not that crowded and I think after a long time without any hurry and peacefully I was going in the line for darshan.

Seeing Baba in green was even more blissful. I was in the right lane inside Samadhi Mandir which I always follow to offer prayer letters.

Line was moving very slowly and I had darshan of Baba for a long time. When I reached Samadhi I asked the Priest to keep the letters at Baba’s lotus feet but Priest returned.

When I requested again and told that I do this every time I visit Shirdi then the Priest kept at Baba’s lotus feet.

I was happy and hope that Baba accepted all the prayers and fulfill all the wishes of the devotees who sent prayers. I also offered 2 packets of peda which one devotee had asked for.

Priest offered it to Baba and returned the packets. While we came out my mom got one more neem leaf.
After taking udi, near Gurusthan saw a dog having prasad so I offered 2 pedas from the packets of peda that I had offered on behalf of a devotee.

Then we went to donation counter and there were 2 dogs. One dog was looking at us and I felt like it was Baba itself asking for peda.

So we offered peda. It had pedas immediately as if it was waiting for pedas.

Another dog also came and we offered pedas to that as well. Then I got scared and gave it to my mom.

Both dogs had all the pedas. The devotee who requested to offer peda is so lucky.

Baba accepted her peda and had it completely.

It reminded me of Tharkad wife’s story.
We came back to room and while checking WhatsApp messages I saw below message and thought of sitting in Dwarakamayi whole night but Baba had different plans
*Come sit with to your heart and share all your problems with me..

I will listen to you..I will give you guidance: Sai Baba*
Evening I was thinking if I should attend dhoop aarti from Gurusthan or should I attend from Samadhi Mandir.

Finally I decided to attend from Mandir. When I went inside the Q complex I was confused which lane was for aarti so I asked the security there.

He asked if I was alone and then asked me to stay for a while and then asked me if I want to go in the first line which is 400 pass line.

I said anything is fine as per Baba’s wish. But some how I wanted to go in general line so that I can sit and attend aarti peacefully.

So I didn’t know what to do since he himself asked me to join the first line. After few minutes he asked if I want to join general line.

I immediately said yes and he showed me the way. When they sent us inside the Mandir the line was again joining in the 400 pass line to stand and attend aarti.

I stepped back and the same security was there. He recognized me and said I offered you to join first line but you came here.

I told I want to sit and he asked me to stand aside.

They sent few more devotees again into that line. That time security again made some signs and asked me not to move.

Then when they left us inside the hall to sit I was the first person to go in and sat in the first line in front of Baba.

I was in tears. Now understood the meaning of the above message which I read in a group.

Wow Baba’s leela. I attended aarti peacefully with  much of joy.

Whole time I was watching Baba with happiness. I got ample time to talk to Baba about my problems. I am so thankful to Baba for giving me such a wonderful experience.

After aarti I wanted to have darshan from center lane. Baba fulfilled that wish also.
Thank you Baba for making my first day of Navaratri as such a blissful day. I have no words to thank you Baba. Baba bless all and protect all Baba.
Om Sai Ram

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