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Please Clear My Debt! SAI! – …Sai@366 – 3rd August….Audio

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Voice support and English Translation Edited by  : Sai Sujatha

Any person could obtain Debt in his/her life time whether he was  devotee of SAI BABA or not.

It was not possible to clear the Debt under some circumstances. Then one had to surrender to SAI BABA. Kaka Saheb Dikshit has taken Rs. 30000/ as loan once. SAI BABA had taken Maha Samadhi by then.

The debtors were troubling him, one day during his dream, Kaka Saheb Dikshit uttered that ‘ Wealthy men like Chiman Lal, Setalwad were known to me’ in his Sleep.

The moment he woke up in the morning. He  remembered the dream. ‘I could not remember you with much faith, Pardon Me SAI BABA’, Kaka Saheb Dixit requested SAI BABA with tears  and reverence.

Money was not available, but the immense faith on SAI BABA was not moved . Only one day time was left. Then, the son of a friend who had died some time ago, came to Dixit and asked for advice stating he had thirty thousand rupees and what it would be better to invest in.

Dixit told his situation. Take care of your needs first. ” The friend’s son gave Rs. 30000/ and left.

There was another incident after the Maha Samadhi of SAI BABA.

One doctor was devoted to SAI BABA. He had received a letter in August 1983, from Shri R. Radhakrihnan. Shri Radhakrishna was also a devotee of SAI BABA. He was retired from Central Government. He took a loan of Rs. 3000/ and performed the marriage of his son. He had to clear the loan. He prayed to SAI BABA.

Court had ordered to enhance the pension of 50% to those who retired prior to April 1979.

The court also ordered to pay the arrears from April 1979. He was to receive Rs. 3000 to Rs. 3800 as arrears it was known.

He has cleared the loan with that arrears amount happily. This was nothing but the grace of SAI BABA said Radhakrishnan. SAI BABA would clear our debts.

But how much amount were we debited to SAI BABA.

Let us clear it with our devotion.

Written by:  Mullapudi Panduranga Sainath &  Munnaloori Bose.

Translated into English by: Late. Chaganty Sai Baba.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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