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Results of Service …Sai@366 – 10th September…Audio

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Voice support and English Translation Edited by  : Sai Sujatha

Somnath Shanker Deshpande Son of Nana Saheb Nimonkar has narrated some practicable and interesting incidents in September 1936.

SAI BABA told Shyama “To read regularly at least one nama from Vishnu Sahasranamam.”

Shyama’s mother tongue was Marathi. He does not know Sanskrit. Did SAI BABA not know this? Shyama has the utmost faith in SAI BABA. He started the regular reading of Vishnu Sahasranamam. Within very few days, he got proficiency.

He has risen to position to explain Vishnu Sahasra Namam to even Narke.

Nana Saheb Nimonkar has a wish to regularly read Bhagavata and other Holy Texts. But he does not know Sanskrit. SAI BABA himself has vouched the subject by asking him ‘Why do not you regularly read?’

Nimonkar said he do not know Sanskrit. ‘Do not worry. Start reading at once. This Masjid Mayee must teach Sanskrit to you. Gradually you will be able to learn Sanskrit’, said SAI BABA. It was the blessings of SAI BABA. Goddess Saraswati could ever refuse the words of SAI BABA? SAI BABA and Goddess Saraswati Maatha were one and the same indeed.

He has believed in the words of SAI BABA. The Parayana began. He used to read even he could not understand. Gradually he attained proficiency in the language.

He has reached the level of resolving doubts of Kaka Saheb Dixit, Jog, etc., who were masters of Bhagavatam, Gnaneshwari and Bhagavad Gita.

Once SAI BABA asked Nimonkar ‘Why should we explain anything to others? By explaining our ego increases’. Then he stopped explaining only to others. Not stopped the regular reading.

SAI BABA used to look after His devotees like His eyelids . SAI BABA does not allow the ego in his devotees.

Nimonkar was in total SAI BABA’s seva about three years before SAI BABA’s Maha Samadhi.

Nimonkar used to go home for his bath, sandhyavandan and other works only during that time.

SAI BABA used to call him Kaka. After the Maha Samadhi of SAI BABA, Nimonkar has not lived more time. During the last three days of his ending SAI BABA used to give Him Darshan everywhere and in  everyone. Nimonkar used to call even his wife as SAI BABA.

He reached SAI BABA by remembering him continuously.

This was the result of his Seva indeed!

Written by:  Mullapudi Panduranga Sainath &  Munnaloori Bose.

Translated into English by: Late. Chaganty Sai Baba.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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