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SAI STHAVANA MANJARI …Sai@366 – 9th September….Audio

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Voice support and English Translation Edited by  : Sai Sujatha

Kavyakantha Ganapapati Muni has taken a vow that he would write Uma Sahasram in the form of Sthavanam in twenty days, or else he would tear that book. There was a ring worm on his finger and writing had slowed down. On the last day, he was to complete 250 verses.

He has employed five writers and assigned them 50 verses each and completed the book.

Ramana Maharshi, who had been behind Ganapati till then, got up from the tomb and asked, “Did you write everything I said?” “Ganapati told Ramana Maharshi that in affirmative with total happiness.

Who has created that? Who has written it? The verses written with the realization of such truth would become sanctified. That was the Dasaganu’s Shri Sainatha Sthavana Manjari.

Dasganu has written that ‘Every word in this Sthavan is written by SAI BABA himself entering my mind’.

Those who read this sthavan with utmost devotion each and every wish of them would be fulfilled by Gurudev immediately and finally grant great path says Dasganu. Who could deny this?

To please his officer Nana Saheb Chandorkar, Ganapati Rao Dattatreya Sahasra Budde alias Dasganu first met SAI BABA at Shirdi.

SAI BABA made him the jewel. Dasganu studied in street school, singing worst songs, and writing worst songs. SAI BABA brought him a sea change. Dasganu has no male child. But he never asked SAI BABA to grant him a male child. His wife was mad, but never asked SAI BABA to treat her madness.

He left the property that comes to him through his Guru. He stopped people not to put any coins in the Arati Plate after completion of his Hari Katha. He used to tell the people to go to Shirdi and experience the bliss of SAI BABA’s darshan during his Hari Kaths. SAI BABA has not only given him the knowledge on Hari Katha. Das Ganu has written many books. Some books have become the lessons in some universities.

Das Ganu has completed this Shri Sai Natha Sthavana Manjari on Ganesh Chaturdi day at the Banks of River Narmada, near Maheswara Kshetram, and sings the sthavanam at the presence of SAI BABA at Shirdi.

SAI BABA has pleased to hear the sthavanam.

Today is 9th September, in 1918 on this day only Dasganu has completed this great Sthavanam.

Let us all read Shri Sai Nath Sthavana Manjari and become nearer to SAI BABA.

Written by:  Mullapudi Panduranga Sainath &  Munnaloori Bose.

Translated into English by: Late. Chaganty Sai Baba.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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