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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Voice support and English Translation Edited by  : Sai Sujatha

For every Telugu New Years’ Day – Ugadi – Soori Nagamma jee used to offer New Handloom Cloth and Loin Cloth to Bhagavan Shree Ramana maharshi as Bhiksha.

As it was Telugu Ugadi on 19th March 1950, as per regular custom of her, she brought him New Handloom Cloth and Loin Cloth at 7pm in the evening, while putting them on the table in the Bhagavan small room, she said ‘Tomorrow is Ugadi’.

On hearing that, Bhagavan Shree Ramana  maharshi body is jolted and exclaimed in some strange tone ‘Oh! Ugadi has come? Ugly (Vikruthi year of ugadhi) has come. ’For the sound of the words of Shree Ramana Bhagavan, people present there and Soori Nagamma felt aghast.

They felt this was a suggestion for some bad news. Few days later Bhagavan Ramana left his body. That indicates Shree Ramana’s Suggestion.

Some days before Dasara in 1918, one person who used to clean the Dwaraka Mai, was doing his usual daily work.

While cleaning the brick which SAIBABA used to utilize everyday, slipped from his hand and broke into two pieces. This was heard by SAIBABA.SAIBABA had not beaten Madhav Fasle. He did not utter a single word to him.

He said ‘I used to contemplate on self with the help of this Brick. This brick is My Life. It is my life companion. Now this brick is broken. Without that brick I could not live anymore. This day this brick left Me’.

On the next morning Kaka Dixit arrived and said ‘I would get that brick joined back together with silver sting tied to it’. Then Sai said ‘Even If you get that brick joined with golden string also that would serve no benefit. The breaking of brick is forecasting a bad omen’.

We can say, only Mahalsapati was able to understand the real meaning of SAIBABA’s words.

Remaining others thought that SAIBABA was crying over physical loss of the brick.

Saints like Bhagwan Shree Ramana maharshi and SAIBABA used to suggest many times in their life that, The Wheel of Time should be revolving.

We should not feel any happiness or sorrow for anything. This is what we should understand and follow.

Written by:  Mullapudi Panduranga Sainath &  Munnaloori Bose.

Translated into English by: Late. Chaganty Sai Baba.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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