Wisdom and Detachment; …Sai@366 – 9th December….Audio

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

Voice support and English Translation Edited by  : Sai Sujatha

The name of Kaka Sahib Deekshit’s Daughter was Vatsala. That girl stayed with her mother in Ville Parle. Father Kaka Sahib Deekshit was in the presence of SAIBABA at Shirdi.

Vastsala was seven years old. While playing she was climbed into the Cupboard to take the playing dolls, she fell down. Not only that, the Cupboard fall on her. But nothing happened to her. Why? Her protector SAIBABA was in Shirdi saving that girl. At that time SAIBABA assured Kaka Deekshit who was with him that I would take your entire responsibility.

Kaka’s family has arrived to Shirdi. The family was staying in the Wada built by father Kaka Deekshit.

SAIBABA appeared in the dream of Vatsala and asked her why she was staying in the wada? Let us go, we can stay there under the Neem Tree at Gurusthan’ said SAIBABA to Vatsala.She told that dream event to everyone present there.

SAIBABA has asked Shyama in the Dwaraka Mayee that ‘has Kaka’s daughter passed away?’.

Why do you speak bad words SAIBABA? Asked Shyama. But SAIBABA told Shyama that girl would pass away in the afternoon.

Vatsala passed away in the afternoon on December 9th, 1911.

‘That girl was 7 years old. She was not only beautiful, but her face was brightened with a strange beauty. Her face reminded me the Picture of Medonna at England’ said Khaparde.

Kaka Deekshit has tolerated that incident with much composure. SAIBABA has saved many from the death bed. But why SAIBABA did like this. Why He has not saved? Kaka Saheb never asked SAIBABA about this.

Kaka Saheb then received Bhavardha Ramayanam Book. He took that book to SAIBABA. SAIBABA immediately opened a page and asked Kaka Deekshit to read it.

When Tara was crying in front of dead body of Vali, Lord Rama asked her ‘Mother! Why are you crying? If for the body then it is in front of you only. If for soul, the same has merged in Me’ said Lord Rama to Tara.

Vatsala’s soul merged in SAIBABA. That was enough! That girl did not have another life. Wisdom and Detachment have erupted in Kaka Deekshit.

Written by:  Mullapudi Panduranga Sainath &  Munnaloori Bose.

Translated into English by: Late. Chaganty Sai Baba.

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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