Baba blessed to telecast Odia Television Serial Shirdi Sai–Audio

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

This Audio prepared by Mrs Sunanda

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Aum Sai Ram

I am Damodara from Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I was a scientist with post graduation degree but my hobby is writing books, short stories and articles for popularization of science and technology.

But to my surprise one day my publisher requested me to write a small story book on Shirdi Sai Baba for school children within 64 pages in odia language.

Although I have ventured to write several short biographies of famous scientist and Indian patriots I have never thought of writing the biography of an immortal saint.

So when I politely expressed my inability to write on Shirdi Sai Baba the publisher simply gave me one hundred rupees and told me,

“Sir, please purchases a book on Shirdi Baba, read it and proceed.” Then he gave me a small photograph of Shirdi Sai Baba and left.

After some days, while going to Ludhiana for attending a scientific workshop I was fortunate to purchase the book “Shirdi Sai Baba – A unique saint” written by Kamath and Kher from New Delhi Railway station.

Later on I started reading the book and subsequently read the nectar like leelas of Sai Baba from Sai Sat Charitra written by Hemad Pant and other books written by famous Sai devotees.

It was really thrilling and wonderful, beyond the captivating power of my brain but with His grace He attracted me towards His sacred feet and guided me to understand and write His leelas.

In due course of time not only a story book on Sai Baba was written for school children but also

104 episodes of Odia television serial Shirdi Sai was telecasted through Doordarshan Kendra, Bhubaneswar (April 2005 to June 2007) successfully with the guidance and blessings of Sai Baba.

I bow down at His sacred feet and seek His blessings.  

Damodara (Bhubaneshwar)

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Those who chant my name repetedly, I will protect them always...Sai Baba

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